no scape
no career
you are my new coliseum

i can see u lying down, smile on ya pretty and squared face.
- dont go and leave me. and please dont drive me blind.
- more than you try to be? i wont.
- you dont believe me, but u do the sacrifice.
- theres no sacrifice. this is all yours. theres nothing here, and what's here, isn't mine. now open the damn door and go walking with ur legs that u'd open. i'm not the president. but you are the beautiful queen. you aren't even the mayor. call me king, if you want to talk about us.

coming up from the otherside of line.
calling mary j she got the nearest she could.
made up of warm and weakness.

vidro não aguenta trovão.
u have three options little darling:
* afunda o barco.
* pula do barco.
* ou continua em mar aberto.

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